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WhatsApp Marketing Packages Costing You, Too High?

Most commonly asked question by our client: Is WhatsApp Panel a one time cost? Do I have to pay for credits each time I run WhatsApp Marketing campaign?

No! WhatsApp Business API is an end to end solution which is self hosted on your own server. You don’t have to pay any extra money for purchasing credits, the best part is that our solution is a one time investment which gives you complete control over your messaging campaigns.

Unlike other WA Service Providers, Vendors, and WhatsApp Marketing Agencies & Companies offering you credits in exchange for the money exchanged. WhatsApp Business API is hands down the most cost effective solution for any marketer, reseller, developer or enterprise level client.

When you purchase a copy of WhatsApp Business API, you get free installation done on your server for the script, all the config is setup by our team, and fresh channels are uploaded, ready for you to use WhatsApp Business API and run your own campaigns.

Here are the main highlights of 4 versions available with WhatsApp Business API

Marketer Edition

Marketer version of WhatsApp Business API gives you panel which allows you to run your own campaigns. No need of purchasing channels again and again, no need of purchasing credits again and again, and have complete database privacy on your own self hosted solution which runs scalable campaigns with full admin control.

Reseller Edition

Reseller version of WhatsApp Business API is designed for agencies, companies, resellers, and vendors who want to provide WhatsApp Marketing services to their clients. We have integrated majority of the features which gives you a standalone, completely white-labeled, full credit distribution system and customizable WhatsApp Reseller Panel.

You can distribute credits to sub-users and sub-resellers, and resellers can even further customize their own panel with complete white-label features.

Developer Edition

Developer version of WhatsApp Business API is designed for developers who want to expand the functionality of WhatsApp Business API and customize the panel with even more additional suits of services like Bulk SMS, Social Media Services, etc right into the panel. We have an open source code, with full developer comments, and the tool is designed with test driven development standards, this allows any developer to further customize, develop, and deploy any further changes to the core WhatsApp Business API script.

Additional to open source code, you also get resell rights to sell the script to unlimited clients and provide them with an end to end solution yourself.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition of WhatsApp Business API provides you all the functionalities of Marketer, Reseller, and Developer version. Additional to these functionalities, Enterprise edition also includes our famous WhatsApp Marketing API integration.

This allows so many more functionalities & capabilities to added into WhatsApp Business API to take it to the next level.

Using WhatsApp Marketing API functionality, you can control particular channels based on their channel ID, you can control channels group (one batch of channels) and turn them into chatbots, have auto-responders, and build two way chat messaging system around your WhatsApp Channels. There are so many diverse applications, SaaS products, and web apps that can be further developed by your team using WhatsApp Business API.


Most of the clients pay huge amounts of money running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, and multiple other media buying options available online.

Each time you run these ads on any other platform, you have to pay huge per click cost or per 1000 impressions cost to run these ads, and when thinking of it as an ongoing activity then it takes a lot of time, energy, efforts, money and opportunity cost associated with these channels.

Your conversions depends on the targeting, and then you have to see the message to market match.

In WhatsApp Marketing, even though still at a very early stage for most marketers since they are not aware about which tools, software, services and solutions to use today with so many solutions around. It gets confusing for them to take the right worthwhile decision in terms of kick starting their WhatsApp Marketing campaigns.

Issues with Desktop Based WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools

So, majority of the clients that come to us have been hurt with wasting either their time, or money using desktop tools or 3rd party services which fails to scale their campaigns on larger volumes.

This not only gives them a failure tag and claim that WhatsApp Marketing can’t work for them in today’s time. They fail to understand that you can’t expect sending millions of messages on WA without having a robust, quality solution to do so.

Buying 20$ software widget like WhatSender, Bulk WhatsApp Sender, Blaster Bulk Sender, WA Sender, WAPP Bulk Sender, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, WhatsApp Blaster Pro, won’t really solve your sending problems.

Since, most of these tools are incapable of understanding WA new algorithm to understand promotional messages. And are likely to get your WhatsApp Number blocked very quickly.

This gives you a massive loss in long term by completely going through the cycle of purchasing new WhatsApp Channels each time you would like to run a new WhatsApp Campaigns.

Issues with Major WhatsApp Marketing Services & 3rd Party Solution Providers

When people fail with desktop based WhatsApp Marketing tools for automating their WhatsApp Promotions, they look for other alternatives like WhatsApp Marketing Services which require purchase of credits. The packages can very starting from 10,000 credits, 20,000 credits, 50,000 credits, 100k credits and so on.

But, when you purchase credits from any 3rd party vendor providing similar services. Your database privacy gets in jeopardy. At the time time, you lose control over how the campaigns are suppose to get delivered at the same time at what timeline.

If the vendor is going to run similar desktop tools behind the scene to run your campaigns. Most likely they will also face the same challenge as discussed earlier with most desktop tools. And they won’t be sending 100% of campaigns as committed by them.

At the end of the day when you are sending campaigns up to 10k and only 100 messages are delivered by these 3rd party vendors.

Your campaigns are doomed to touch, FAILURE.


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