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WhatsApp Group Sender & How To Scale Your Group Sender Campaigns in 2022

WhatsApp Group Sender
WhatsApp Group Sender & How To Scale Your Group Sender Campaigns in 2022 1

Find honest review on majority of the desktop based WhatsApp Group Sender software which allows you to send blaster & bulk sender campaigns.

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There are many desktop tools available by the name such as WhatsApp Group Sender, WhatsApp Group Blaster, WhatsApp Group Bulk Sender & WhatsApp Group Sender Pro. Mostly these desktop based WhatsApp marketing software only allows you to do fraction of automation vs WhatsApp Business API which is a completely self hosted WhatsApp Marketing Platform which can be setup on your own web server and at the same time allows you to run multiple types of WhatsApp campaigns such as Scheduled Campaigns, WhatsApp Funnels Campaigns, WhatsApp Group Sender Campaigns, and personalized campaigns with custom variables such as name, date of birth, location, etc. used in each unique campaigns.

Majority of these Group Sender tool lack the basic functionality of sustaining the life of a WhatsApp number (Also, known as WhatsApp Channels)

WhatsApp Business API utilizes the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning technology which allows the script to imitate a complete normal user behaviour which allows our script to keep operating the same batch of WhatsApp numbers. And literally, allows you to host 1000s of WhatsApp numbers forming an army of WhatsApp chatbots automatically running all kinds of WhatsApp automation tasks.

You can’t expect a tool which automates your WhatsApp tasks using single WhatsApp number using web.whatsapp.com because the technology is outdated and no matter how competent & intelligent a WhatsApp developer is but if they try working on a backward technology. Its not feasible to create a powerful WhatsApp marketing software like WhatsApp Business API.

There are far more functionalities that WhatsApp Business API provides which give’s you an end to end WhatsApp Group Automation software.

Our WhatsApp Group Sender Software allows you to:

  • Create 1000s of WhatsApp Groups all at once with every new campaign
  • Create WhatsApp communities, and keep sending scheduled WhatsApp Group messages using Group Sender Campaigns feature.
  • Add new WhatsApp contacts into these newly created WhatsApp Groups by adding each participant one by one into multitude of WhatsApp Groups which stays active
  • Add multiple admins into the same groups. (These Group Admin can be your personal numbers as well as system’s WhatsApp Channels stored in the script)
  • Remove participants once your campaigns targeted messages are delivered into your WhatsApp Groups. (This feature is added so your channels don’t get blocked incase sending unsolicited messages to unknown contacts)
  • Remove WhatsApp channels from the group and create new admin before leaving the group (So, the main WhatsApp Channel which created the group is safe since its no more a participant into the group)
  • And many more features that we are adding in this coming year in 2022 when the world is facing its 3rd wave of Covid 19 and people’s behaviour for e-commerce activities have increase 4 times faster then anytime in the history.

Continuing with our quest. A lot of people have this very basic question in there mind as well.

How can I search WhatsApp group by sender?

Well, mostly most of the available tools actually scrape the WhatsApp Chat/Group URL links from Google’s index, Facebook Groups, and other places on the web. But, the question is this.

Do you think joining these unknown groups which can’t be targeted accurately based on your industry, or demography will actually yield a real profitable result? Or is it more profitable to form your own WhatsApp Group communities, and then control all the group activities from conversations, to engagement with full control?

Well, during our initial testing for forming millions of WhatsApp Groups for ourselves & our clients campaigns. What we have realized is that you have full control, and much more profitability in the long run when you scale, and make the campaigns more predictable.

That’s why we are working on improving our Group Sender functionalities in this coming year.

We are adding support for a new kind of WhatsApp Group Sender automation module which neither has been developed by any other competitor and also can’t be replicated easily without an efficient & robust solution which exists like WhatsApp Business API.

All these new functionalities will enhance the capability of our already existing & thriving product and will continue to add value to all our clients needs, and improvise based on the suggestions & feedback that we have curated, understood and now on the verge of implementation.

2022 is going to be the year for forming communities, building your own tribe, and coming out as a prominent audience builder. And WhatsApp Business API will continue to keep enhancing our product to meet the demand of the hour.

Anyhow, let’s talk about the other desktop tools. I am sure they are good to play around with. But, is it really worth the time, energy, efforts & money that you will invest in 2022 for keep using these outdated desktop based WhatsApp automation tools?

Let’s review them one by one.

WhatsApp Group Blaster

This desktop based Windows software basically allows you to connect your own WhatsApp number by connecting your mobile’s WhatsApp number via web.whatsapp.com access and then, create multiple WhatsApp Groups in which you are limited to adding maximum 256 members into these newly formed WhatsApp Groups. But, what about creating 1000s of such WhatsApp Groups? Well, you need a lot of manual intervention and thats why you can’t buying new SIM cards and activating them one by one on your mobile, and then scan these numbers into this tool each and every day right? Its time consuming, and so much human dependant, and you can’t really scale it after a while.

Our software also does the same. But, with many differences which allows us to completely stay undetected and form normal WhatsApp group activities which these desktop tools ain’t able to create a workaround solution.

You can try WhatsApp Business API’s Group Sender functionality free of cost with our no questions asked 100% free trial.

WhatsApp Group Bulk Sender

These are many bulk sending WhatsApp software, but the major issue with bulk sender tools is that they definitely get your number blocked from time to time. I am not saying its the developer fault. In fact, we have worked with developers who fail to keep their product updated and hence, they come and buy our software license. We do understand it requires not just one developer but multiple people working on the same mission. Thats why we had more then 2,200 developers who forked our WhatsApp Bulk Sender source code which was available before the start of 2015 on Github.

That’s why we have a team of competent team members in our team who stay updated, and always have an edge over individual developers trying to build their quick fixes around WhatsApp Marketing Software space.

Whatsapp Group Sender Pro

Even though this tool developer is really good with marketing, but is not able to perform its tasks optimally. Thats the major reason why people come to us after trying all kinds of WhatsApp Group automation solution available in market today. And that’s the reason why we are not only just focused on forming WhatsApp Groups alone but our system also manages two-way daily communication with other WhatsApp numbers that are stored in our script to start behaving, acting and performing all automatically behind the scene, whenever a new WhatsApp number is added into our system.

You can import literally 1000s of WhatsApp number in one go and then once the channels are activated into our system. They start to automate a lot of tasks just like how a regular user uses WhatsApp on a day to day basis.

Because of our capabilities of building this conversational engine into our software. Our tool is being used by 100s of our clients without having any issue of getting their WhatsApp number blocked and continue operating same batch of WhatsApp numbers without getting the number banned on WhatsApp.

Are you prepared to take your WhatsApp Group Activities to its maximum potential?

We have got clients from all across the globe including

Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Morocco, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Iran, Peru, Italy, Netherlands, China, France, Romania, Belgium, Jordan, Oman, Costa Rica, Qatar, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Bolivia, Albania, Finland, Greece, Bahrain using our WhatsApp marketing script.

If you are seriously committed to get real results and want to become world’s most advanced WhatsApp marketing ninja on the planet. Then, you should definitely read our Getting Started Guide here.

We have worked one to one with some of the most successful marketers in the world and helped them execute a strategic, scalable, predictable, and profitable WhatsApp campaign which brings in income, revenue and profits even till this day. And our clients continue to start utilizing the benefits of a powerful WhatsApp automation platform which is self hosted and gives you full admin control over each and every single campaign you operating using this system.

We would love to have you onboard as a client if you got what it takes.

Cheers, and feel free to comment in the post below. And let us know how has your experience been with these desktop based Group Sender software. Did you make profits or are you still looking for that perfect solution? If you want to let the wait be over. Feel free to contact us on WhatsApp or Telegram. Even better, book a demo with us today.

WhatsApp Group Sender
WhatsApp Group Sender & How To Scale Your Group Sender Campaigns in 2022 1

Find honest review on majority of the desktop based WhatsApp Group Sender software which allows you to send blaster & bulk sender campaigns.

Operating System: Windows

Editor's Rating:

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