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State of WhatsApp Bulk Sender & Other Desktop Tools in 2022

Its an open invitation to all the users who presently use any kind of desktop based Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools such as:

  1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender
  2. Bulk WhatsApp Sender
  3. Blaster Bulk Sender
  4. Queensoft WA Sender
  5. WhatSender
  6. WA Sender Pro
  7. WAPP Bulk Sender
  8. WAPP Bulk Turbo
  9. WhatsApp Bulk Sender
  10. WhatsApp Blaster
  11. Or any other WA Software

Now, if you noticed while purchasing any of the tools above that these tools are no more scalable for larger campaigns majorly due to the recent updates brought by WA to detect any kind of Bulk Messaging & Automation Tools activities on WhatsApp messaging app.

Even though these desktop tools won’t be able to keep themselves updated with WA advance machine learning platform which became much robust now. WhatsApp Business API continues to be the only leading player using its advance artificial intelligence, and mathematical algorithms developed to imitate a normal user behaviour which was unknown to most of the developers shuffling in desktop tools, vs purchasing Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services on the web.

We understand its a lot of frustration when you buy a new desktop software for running WhatsApp Marketing campaign and then realizing that the tool doesn’t works anymore. And also, when you keep buying new WhatsApp Numbers to run campaigns and keep getting them block.

But, whats the solution?

Of course. WhatsApp Business API

Which now, is far ahead then our competitors and can help you scale your campaigns to thousands and millions of numbers on WA on a daily basis and do much more with its API Addon integration released since the oldest times.

Piece of advice?


Stop believing in WhatsApp Marketing! Because our clients and us are still able to run campaigns with ease & smart automation!

Stop relying on 3rd party vendors to deliver the messages on your behalf!

GET CONTROL over your WhatsApp Marketing CAMPAIGNS!

Reach us today and we are just a chat away on Telegram: https://t.me/WhatsAppBusiness_API


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