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List of WhatsApp Blasting Tools & Blaster Software in 2022

Whether you are looking for WhatsApp Blaster Pro, or WhatsApp Blaster, or WhatSender, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, Bulk WhatsApp Sender, Blaster Bulk Sender, or Sender.ID, or similar desktop tools for sending WhatsApp Blasting campaigns in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam or mainly any part of the world really. You need to know this…

In 2019 and 2020, there are a lot more coming updates from WA side where they have advanced the detection of automated software & desktop tools which allows you to automate WhatsApp Blasting process using https://web.WA.com or WhatsApp Hash Channels

But majority of these tools have failed to work because of the way most of these desktop tools use to operate and how WA has been able to crack down, understanding desktop tools behaviour patterns when automating any kind of messaging campaigns.

Understand this…

Of course, the desktop software sold as WhatsApp Blasting tools, work very similarly to most of the tools.

For example, when you have to filter WhatsApp Numbers. Lets say you want to filter 1000 number.

You press the “Filter” button. And then tool goes out and filters number.

Similarly, when you want to run a campaign on your target contact list.

You click “Send” and the tool starts messaging.

Sounds, perfect. Right?

Well, not really.

That’s because WA now understands that no human can possibly do this process manually and if they do then it takes a lot of time.

So, whenever you do any kind of marketing activities, with these super cool, desktop based WhatsApp Marketing software.

They get your NUMBERS BLOCKED!

You see, in order for these tools to work properly without getting the channels blocked. They have to evolve from simple automation tools to a practically artificially intelligent tools, which by now if you have tried any similar tools, understand can’t do that.

That’s where WhatsApp Business API comes to mind.

Our script is first of all web hosted script that’s installed on your own server.

So, basically you can keep the script online, 24 x 7.

Secondly, WhatsApp Business API hosts all the channels using WA Hash ID.

So, you don’t need your mobile phone connected with the internet, connected with Web.WA. And then, the desktop tool/web server online.

Our channels are online 24 x 7, on demand.

Thirdly, WhatsApp Business API has P2P Channel Communication Network created with it’s peer channels uploaded into the script.

Difficult to understand? Let me explain…

What WhatsApp Business API does is it imitates a normal user behaviour for all channels, and forms one to one communication from different intervals to different channels uploaded in the script, working as a network of friends.

Just like how normally you will use your WA number. For example, chat with your girl/boyfriend, wife/husband, friends & family, and business contacts. You will change your display picture often, change your status message, and come online, go offline, etc. etc.

These kinds of normal activities where you are not sending messages to unknown number when online, is what the channels will perform as an action behind the scenes into the script.

This not only showcases a normal user behaviour in WA’s eyes. But, it automatically WA’s algorithm to detect spam, since we are not doing any activities which are against their terms & conditions.

Now, whenever you want to send WhatsApp Blasting campaigns, you can run them on demand, and since the channels are already warmed up and having daily, one to one conversations with other channels (Their bot friends!), you can easily send daily campaigns using the WhatsApp Numbers (known as WhatsApp Channels.)

Now, apart from this feature of filtering numbers and running blaster campaigns on WA.

There are many other features WhatsApp Business API as a product provides in four different versions.

  1. Marketer Edition – This version is a standalone version for running your own blasting campaigns.
  2. Reseller Edition – This version is for resellers, agencies, marketing companies who want to resell WhatsApp Blasting Services.
  3. Developer Edition – This version is for developers & resellers who want full access & resell rights to the script’s main source code. You can customize the script, re-label, and resell the script on any server with unlimited license generated using our secure licensing system.
  4. Enterprise Edition – This version is made for big companies, and large scale clients who want to send millions of messages on a daily basis and need a hard core end to end solution for WA.


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