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START USING WhatsApp Business API AS A WhatsApp Marketing API

WhatsApp Business API is now capable of sending & receiving messages using Webhook URL, Push & Pull request API requests with its new API Integration feature (Available in Enterprise + API edition)


(Use any WA/WA Business number and convert it into WhatsApp Business API account without official verification!)

Key Features of WhatsApp Business API’s WhatsApp Marketing API Integration

(Including WhatsApp Business API Integration)

REST API (Use API in real time to send or receive messages)

Having your own self hosted panel with integrated WhatsApp Marketing API comes with unlimited possibilities! This enables you to easily integrate our panel with your website, software or CRM application in PHP, ASP, .NET, Java or any other language, giving you the ability to integrate our panel with any tool, SaaS app, or service imaginable!

Inbuilt integration with Zapier & DiaglogFlow

Zapier itself provides 3rd party & cross integration with 1400+ applications. Using WhatsApp Business API, you can easily integrate with Zapier & DialogFlow which allows you to build completely custom, automated, and fully artificial intelligent auto reply bots in minutes. The possibility of integration with any products & services is limitless.

Custom Development Support

Our API is extremely easy to use, understand, and implement. We provide you with Full documentation, and one to one support with our development team. Giving you access to lots of actionable strategies for using our API integration features + additional modules & plugins with different use cases developed by our clients.


Use Case for API Integration

Integrate WA to your own services or apps. Send and receive text, pictures, videos, audios, links, emoji and PDF files.

Send Automatic Alerts by WA API Gateway
Send Alarms by WA API
Send Reminders by WA API
Send Notifications for your Business by WA
Send Newsletters by WA
Send Booking confirmations by WA
Help Desk
Give Help Desk, allow your customers to contact you by WA
Give Customer Support by WA for your customers
Send Quotation by WA
Activation Codes
Send Activation Codes by WA
OTP Codes
Send OTP Codes for two step verification by WA
Verify identity with codes sent by WA
Verify identity with 2FA codes sent through WA
Restaurants send the Menu for delivery or pickup through WA
Take orders
Take orders by WA
Send Tracking Codes by WA
Shipment Information
Integrate our WA API and send Shipment tracking automatically by WA
Pair WA with our system and sell products or services
Contact your customers by WA
Integrate your CRM and give paperwork status by WA
WhatsApp Marketing
Send Bulk WA to your customers
WA Sales
Pair your WA and sell products or services
WA Mass delivery
Contact your customers by WA
WA Bulk
Delivery messages to multiple WA destination


Reach us at email at [email protected] or fill out this form for knowing more about our API Integration possibilities in your business.

Alternatively, start a live chat by reaching us on Telegram: https://t.me/WhatsAppBusiness_API

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    Here we need to know which the best credit package meets your need.
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