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If you are still on the lookout on the best WhatsApp Marketing Solution that will enable you to send Bulk WhatsApp messages, then fret no more! We have the best bulk WhatsApp Marketing package that will enable you that capability and so much more!

Do you know what the age old struggle of all businesses is? The answer is how to maximize income and minimize expenses. Do you know what another age old struggle of all businesses is in relation to maximizing income? The answer is how to effectively and efficiently connect with clients and prospects. If you have been struggling on how you can better reach your target clients, worry no more because we have the ultimate WhatsApp Marketing solution for you!

Introducing, our ultimate bulk WhatsApp Marketing Package! This package includes three formidable soft-wares that are great additions to the marketing system of your business! These various WhatsApp Marketing solutions will help you so that you can send bulk WhatsApp messages to other WA users around the world without fear of getting your WhatsApp Channels banned.

The best proven effective approach nowadays in reaching potential clients is to send bulk WhatsApp messages.

Oh by the way, if you’re still skeptical about the power of WA in terms of being a tool of communication, we suggest you read more about this wonderful application that had paved way to so much convenience in communicating with other people.

Since the creation and development of WA, we are able to send out not only text messages but also audio, video, image and Vcard files to any WA user in wherever part of the world. This kind of technology is unprecedented and this is something that merchants like yourself, need to utilize for your business.

Skeptics aside, allow me to repeat: the most effective approach nowadays in reaching potential clients is to send bulk WhatsApp messages. This can be expedited through using WhatsApp Panel, WA Bot or WA Suite. These maybe components or type of WhatsApp Marketing software that users can utilize to send bulk WhatsApp messages to other WA users around the world. Does this sound too technical for you? Allow me to simplify…

The technology of WA that enables users to connect with others with the least cost provides a huge opportunity to merchants (business owners, marketers and professionals) in tapping the multitude of audience in WA that might well end up as their potential clients. To reach these potential clients, they need to run a successful WhatsApp Marketing campaign that will attract them to buy or avail the various products and services of their business.

But before they could run a successful WhatsApp Marketing campaign, they needed these two things: WhatsApp Marketing software and WhatsApp Channels/ WA Senders. On the previous article, we have differentiated these two components. But for purposes of those who missed it, here’s a recap:

WhatsApp Marketing software

This is the WhatsApp Marketing solution or tool that will allow you to send bulk WhatsApp messages with text, audio, image, video, etc. to other WA users in wherever part of the world. Using this tool will also afford you other functionalities like filter numbers, editing WhatsApp Channel profile, importing WhatsApp Numbers and many more.

WhatsApp Channels

These are pre-activated WhatsApp Numbers used to send messages to other WA users. WhatsApp Channels, also known as WA senders also perform other WA automation activities from the first component (WhatsApp Marketing software) such as receive messages, check active WA users through the “filter” process, check last seen of WA contacts in the list, and many others. These WhatsApp Numbers are registered online through a WA registration tool that generates a combination of phone number; WA generated code and security code.

On their own, these two components won’t work. They need each other for the WhatsApp Marketing campaign to run successfully.

There have been many Bulk WhatsApp Marketing tools and software nowadays that promises good results but many fail to deliver so. One glaring difference of our company from others is that we have always been true to our claim about the quality of our products/ services and we work round the clock to provide our clientele the best of service that we could offer. We don’t stop at sales; we make sure that the client is satisfied enough that our relationship with them will be long-term, if not lifetime.

We are a conscientious bunch of professionals that works really hard to meet our clients’ expectation. Such is our way in order to achieve longevity in the business. We aim to please and we challenge every team member of our company to exercise their utmost of skills and contribute for the development of our company’s products and services.

As part of our aim to better the lives of business owners, marketers and professionals in terms of reaching out to their existing clients and prospect clients through WA, we offer our latest Bulk WhatsApp Marketing package that is guaranteed to be one formidable WhatsApp Marketing Solution in marketing your business.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Package:

If you’re tired of trying different WhatsApp Marketing software and feeling dissatisfied, get our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing package and prepare to multiply the income potential of your business for a thousand fold! This package include three Bulk WA software and tools that will satisfy your cravings for the best marketing tool that will enable you to send Bulk WhatsApp messages to multitude of WhatsApp Numbers located all over the world:

  1. Bulk WhastApp Sender Suite

This software enables you to send Bulk WhatsApp messages to practically everyone in the world for FREE! Customize your marketing campaign with not only messages but also image, video, audio, Vcard and even GPS to a multitude of WA users all over the world!

Not only does this software allows you to send Bulk WhatsApp messages across the globe with whatever platform of your choosing for free, this software also allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages WITHOUT limit!

The best part of this software is the mobility function where all that is required is a standard Internet connection and you’re good to go. With this function, you can mix work with pleasure. Save money from doing away with traditional texting that limits your message to a measly 160 characters… Do shopping while sending campaign messages with video to your prospects at whatever part of the world… have coffee with a friend and send a reply to a client query over your mobile phone… all for FREE! Talk about hassle free marketing and Global marketing at a lesser cost, right?

  1. Bulk WhatsApp Sender

This software is a bit more sophisticated as directly compared to Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite. This provides the same features in terms of unlimited sending of messages to WA users all over the world BUT it does so much more than that!

With this software, you can upsize your prospect reaching power! With Bulk WhatsApp Sender, you will have the ability to send different marketing campaign to different WhatsApp Numbers all over the world with just a few clicks of the button! All you need to do is enter multiple WhatsApp Numbers into the system and the Bulk WhatsApp Sender software will do the rest. How is that possible; you ask? Shall we say; magic? No, my friend; the answer is technology. This software has the option where you can use multiple Proxy IP addresses which helped safeguard your WhatsApp Numbers from getting banned.

So worry no more about having to buy thousands of WhatsApp Channels always. With this software, you can now send bulk WhatsApp messages with ease!

  1. WhatsApp Panel & Bot

Of the three software included on this Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Package, WhatsApp Panel and Bot is the most sophisticated of them all. Considered as the super ninja tool of this package, this software allows you to enjoy all the basic features of sending unlimited messages to unlimited number of WA users around the world. Apart from that basic feature, it is also ripped with other features and capabilities that are not found in the first two mentioned WhatsApp Marketing software which are definitely noteworthy for marketers that wanted to do more with their time.

Among the number of impressive features of this WhatsApp Marketing software are the following:

  • Multiple Campaign Management: You have the ability to categorize your messages into various campaigns and schedule to send them in one go.
  • Campaign Monitoring & Reporting: You can see the real time status of your campaign; whether it was successfully delivered or pending.
  • Campaign scheduling: this software enables you to “program” your campaign for future sending.
  • Other secret options: this includes other options that will be ultimately revealed and put into good use when you purchase this software

If you want to take advantage of using Bulk WhatsApp Marketing software and tools for your business, you have come to the right place! Don’t waste your time trying to experiment with other shady Bulk WhatsApp Marketing solutions out there for your marketing needs that might not deliver your expectations. Come to the most trusted provider of different Bulk WhatsApp Marketing software in the market nowadays.

Maximize your marketing efforts by using this wonderful product that our team of experts worked hard to develop. Reach out to as many prospect clients as much as possible and increase the profit potential of your business!

Want to see how our products work?

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Download our WhatsApp Marketing Package now and get your activation code to unlock all its product features!

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