WhatsApp Business API

Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Panel

Our WhatsApp Marketing Panel allows you to send different format of WhatsApp messaging using a web-based panel which can be operated using any browser.

Our panel allows you to send Text, Images & Video messages without the worry of adding any WhatsApp Channels, hosting a script, taking tensions of whether your WhatsApp Channels will be banned from WA or not.

We provide two types of account in this panel. One is user level – which can be used by users to send messages. Second, Reseller level account. Which can be used by resellers to manage users under them.

Here are the list of feature & options provided:

User Level Options:

Send Messages: This section of our panel allows you to send any types of messages which are allowed by the panel.

Send Text – You can send individual text messages to a particular WA user using this option.

Send Images – You can send individual image messages to any particular WA number. You get option to upload the image here.

Send Videos – You can send individual video messages to any number available on WA. You will have the option to upload video in this option.

Send Text To Group – This tab allows you to send text WhatsApp messages to list of contacts which are already uploaded in a particular group of contacts that you have in the system.

Send Images to Group – This tab allows you to send images or pictures to a set of contacts in an individual or multiple groups of contacts already present in the system.

Send Videos to Group – This tab allows you to send video messages from within the system to your groups of contacts.

Filter Groups: Our system in order to allow sending WhatsApp messages needs to first filter out which numbers are already there on WA. So, hence you upload your list of contact either using a CSV file or a text file format. Once, you upload the list of contacts by creating & uploading in an individual group. The system processes and filters the contacts and only shows those numbers which are already registered in WA as a user.

Add Group – This feature allows you to create a new group.

View Groups – You can view the groups which are already created in the system. And also see how many numbers are added in that particular group.

Filter Contacts: – Here you can see how many numbers were added into the system and how many numbers were filtered using our script out of total no. of numbers added.

Add Contact – You can add individual contact information into a particular group using this feature.

View Contacts – You can view phone numbers which are there in the system under a particular group.

Import Contacts – This feature allows you to import your WA contacts in a particular group.

Reports – Our reporting system allows you to see how many messages that you uploaded for marketing are in progress, completed or whether system rejected.

Message History – This feature allows you to look into your account history. And have information about previous campaigns which were run under this particular account.

Account Setting – You can add contact information & set other information about your user profile.

Change Password – You can change your username and password information using this option.

Reseller Level Options:

Reseller account allows the resellers to manage there credit transfers, able to activate/deactivate user accounts, add/edit/delete credits from users under the reseller account. And also similar several features.

User Management: This section allows to manage your users.

Add User: This feature allows you to add a new user

View Users: This feature allows you to view all the users.

Add Balance: This feature allows you to add credits of different types ranging from text, image and video credits.

Remove Balance: This feature allows you to deduct credits from any particular user account.

Reports: Our reporting system feature allows you to see wide range of things ranging from whether the messages are approved/disapproved by the main admin, how many messages are still pending to be sent, etc.

Balance Transactions: This feature shows you the past transactions made by the reseller.

Undelivered History: This feature showcases all the undelivered messages history.

Account Settings:

Change Password: This feature allows you to reset your passsword.

Change Profile: This feature allows you to make changes in reseller profile.

We believe in keep on updating our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing panel and we continue to develop and enhance the panel with more features.

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Start With Your 100% Free Trial Account
Start With Your 100% Free Trial Account
Start With Your 100% Free Trial Account
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