WhatsApp Business API

WA Bulk Suite

WA Bulk Suite is a web based WhatsApp Marketing script which can be hosted on your hosting server.

This script allows you to send unlimited WA based marketing messages in different formats such as text, images, videos, vCard, and GPS Locations.

You can do that by utilizing this script and in addition add unlimited WA Senders/Channels in order to scale your WhatsApp messaging System.

Here are the features of WA Bulk Suite:

  •  Global WhatsApp messaging – Unlike SMS Marketing, you are not bound by any geography using WhatsApp Marketing. Any number which is registered on WA as a user can be targeted using this robust & efficient WA script allowing you to send messages to anyone across the world on WA.
  • Send Video Messages – Using our easy to use interface you can upload your videos into the script and it will automatically message your videos to your target prospects & audience you want to market.
  • Send Image Messages – Similar to video messages, you can send Images to any number of people using our WA Bulk Suite web-based software.
  • Greater Mobility – You are no more required to stay online & keep your computers or cell phones online. Since, this script is hosted on web servers. You can be anywhere and login into your web based script and start the messaging process.
  • Immediate Inbox Reply – Let’s say you ran a WhatsApp Marketing campaign asking your audience with some response if they are interested in your products & services? Well, now our system will allow you to capture response and segment these people. You can then individually reply to all these users.
  • Hassle Free & Unlimited Marketing – You are not bound by any character size limit similar to a text message which limits you to 160 characters per message using SMS. You can send as much length as what WA allows.
  • Message Shuffler – In order to avoid your WhatsApp messages marked as spam and the WhatsApp Numbers getting banned on WA. We have developed a comprehensive algorithm in our software which makes the software send unique messages to each user. Hence, this is counted as a unique message sent your user which in exchange keeps your WhatsApp Marketing number fresh, active and long lasting.
  • Cost Effective Global Marketing – You don’t have to pay differently for any part of the world. You simply need our web-based script installed + WhatsApp Channels added into the system. That’s the only cost to get started and start marketing to any place on this planet using our solution.
  • Multiple Message Formats – You can send text, images, videos, vCard, GPS locations as WhatsApp messages. This makes your campaign much more interactive & effective in comparison with normal SMS Messaging systems available out there.
  • Detailed Reporting – You can actively see the status of your WhatsApp messages and you get backend where you can track the delivery reports of messages being sent to your target users.
  • Message Delay Settings – We have developed feature which allows you to delay your messaging in order to avoid your WA Senders getting banned by WA incase of over use.

You can run different types of marketing campaigns using our WA Bulk Suite:

  • Send targeted marketing campaigns
  • Send Stock Market Updates & Alerts
  • Send promotional, discount & offers to your clients & customers
  • Send Event Reminders or any such reminders
  • Send Holiday Deals & Special Promotions
  • Send product launch information & product offer alerts to your audience
  • Send Merchandise Alerts, Hot Deal of the Day, and similar campaigns
  • Send WhatsApp Marketing Surveys – Asking about the feedback of your clients & customers.
  • Send Event & Gig Updates about Spas & Salons, Restaurants & Nightclubs.
  • Increase your business revenue by retargeting your present customers & clients
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