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As of February 2016, this privacy policy has been generalized as to make it valid not only for WA but also for other messenger platforms supported by www.whatsappbusinessapi.co.


www.whatsappbusinessapi.co is a service offered by WhatsApp Business API (limited liability company), with which www.whatsappbusinessapi.co’s clients may send messages to their customers via messenger platforms (like WA, Facebook Messenger and others).www.whatsappbusinessapi.co provides its clients with the technical requirements needed in order to send messages. www.whatsappbusinessapi.co does not send messages itself. www.whatsappbusinessapi.co collects and assimilates personal data only within the context of the offer for each particular client. Data collection only takes place for the purpose of the client.

Upon installation of a messenger service such as WA or Facebook Messenger, you accept the terms of service as well as privacy policy of the respective provider. www.whatsappbusinessapi.co has no influence on these regulations.

  1. USAGE OF www.whatsappbusinessapi.co


Please follow the instructions presented in the registration-widget in order to

register for the desired messenger service

Discontinue receipt of messages

If you wish to stop receiving messages temporarily or permanently, please send a message with the word “Stop” or “Unsubscribe”.

Re-receive messages

If you wish to receive messages again, send “Start”.

Delete all data

If you do not want to receive any more messages and want to delete all from our database, please send a message saying “Delete all data”.

For all entries, you may use upper-case letters as well as lower-case letters.


Data, which we automatically collect after you have signed up, can include data which has been retained by the messenger platform like your user data (this might include your first and last name), your telephone number, your personal device, all messages sent to the provider as well as messages which you have read and clicked on. This data helps our clients to send you targeted and individualized messages according to your personal preferences. Further information, which you individually provide via the particular chat, will automatically be saved.


www.whatsappbusinessapi.co solely utilizes your data to enable our customers to automatically send individual messages. Please bear in mind that our clients may utilize each individual information in order to send you targeted messages by means of well-defined norms. In exceptional cases, active users may be informed via text message (SMS) about system updates in which case the phone number may be transmitted to a service provider of distributing text messages (SMS) for this exclusive purpose only. www.whatsappbusinessapi.co will not pass on any of your data to any third parties. Some of your personal data may be visible to employees of our customer by whom you signed up..


You may deregister from our service at any time with an individual message. To do so, please send the message “STOP” OR “UNSUBSCRIBE” to the provider via the corresponding messenger. Unless you will register again, you will not receive any news or messages from this provider.


In order to erase all stored data of a customer, please send a message via the corresponding messenger stating “DELETE ALL DATA”.


Our database is protected by various diverse technical precautionary measures. Only a very limited group of employees of our very own company gets access to the database for reasons of technical work on the service. You are responsible yourself for the safety on your own device.

Please make sure that the access to WA on your device is sufficiently secured. We cannot guarantee the safety of transmitting data via WA and other messengers. Therefore, each broadcast is based on your own personal risk.


The customer who uses our service and by whom you have personally registered is exclusively accounted for all transmitted data. We assume no liability for a loss or damage caused to the user of the service by transmitted content or links.


Please note that the content of this privacy policy is eligible for modifications anytime upon two weeks’ notice. We will publish these changes visibly at the header of this website.


We regularly review the appropriateness of this privacy policy. Shall you have any questions, suggestions or notes regarding this, please send us an email to [email protected] or via post to:

Trafalgar Square 1 Northumberland Avenue, London, United Kingdom

Please note that the English version of this privacy policy takes precedence in the event of any conflict.


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