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Does WhatsApp Marketing Really Works in 2022?

After so many new WhatsApp Marketing Tools, Software, SaaS products related to WhatsApp Promotions, WhatsApp Reseller Scripts & Panels, along with various WhatsApp Marketing Solutions providers available in the market place today.

The top question asked by most of the marketers looking to run advertising campaigns on WA, ask:

Does WhatsApp Marketing Really Works?

Well, the doubt is but natural. Because with so many people today getting failure in being able to successful WhatsApp Marketing campaigns are very much dis-heartened with present solutions.

Namely, WhatsApp Marketing Software most famous in 2019:

  1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender
  2. Bulk WhatsApp Sender
  3. WA Sender Pro
  4. WhatsApp Blaster Pro
  5. Blaster Bulk Sender
  6. WA Software


There are different service providers who provide WhatsApp Marketing Solutions, such as:

  1. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing
  2. WhatsApp Marketing
  3. WhatsApp Marketing Service
  4. WA Bulk Panel
  5. WAPP Bulk Marketing Services

And so many other 3rd party WA API providers such as MessengerPeople, Wassenger, Chat-API, SifuChat, Whappend, and numerous other providers who give you option to connect your WA mobile number using https://web.WA.com

Not counting in this list are also WhatsApp Marketing Service providers & WhatsApp Marketing Companies & Agencies which proclaim to give you WhatsApp Marketing credits in 10k, 20k, 30k, 50k, 100k and further packages with no expiry of credits.

Now, let’s be frank. If you are a first time WA marketer, what will you do?

You will go on Google, searching for WhatsApp Marketing software & tools. And try to find the best WA solution available at the cheapest price. (Obviously, but honestly, that’s what anyone will do at the first place.)

Most likely you will find the tools which are in 10$ to 200$ range, and some even exceeding 500$ to upto 2,000$ and when it comes to service providers then price varies from 100$ to 1000s of dollars for one time credit purchase.

What happens next?

Let’s take the case of WhatsApp Marketing software

99.99% of the desktop tools have stopped working or no more keep your channels safe.


What you do further = Keep buying more channels

Which then = High Cost, Low Delivery, Lots and Lots of  Endless Frustration

If you haven’t given up on this process. Then, you go into buying another 20-50$ software widget. Only to find out that you are repeating the cycle.

What does your mind say after this?

WhatsApp Marketing = MASSIVE FAILURE

You shout out!

WhatsApp Marketing doesn’t work.

End of the story.


If you have still got the guts, what do you do?

You go and search for WhatsApp Marketing service providers, or companies, or marketing agencies, who say they can provide you WhatsApp Marketing service via credits.

Since, by now you are so sick of managing and running WhatsApp Marketing campaigns, losing your time, energy, efforts & of course hard earned money into using several of these available tools & software.


Whats the issue faced here?

No Database Privacy = Database That Is Prone to be sold to your COMPETITORS

No Delivery Control = You don’t know out of 10000 numbers you sent the message may be only 100 were sent (Don’t believe me, but it can be true! We had clients who had those issues with their providers!)

No Permanent Solution = Associated & Repeated Cost for running campaigns each time

No success even after this?

What do you call it now?

WhatsApp Marketing = MASSIVE FAILURE

Poor chaps, I know I feel the pain. You know its really god damn frustrating when you are putting all your efforts, invest so much of your energy into cracking down the code to WhatsApp Marketing. Only to find massive, massive FAILURE.

Ouch. It hurts. I know!

I have been into the same shoes. Not once, but multiple times.

I have seen the days when I was creating the solution for myself. And wanted to end my own frustration.

That’s when WhatsApp Business API was born. Back in 2011, here as a free code on Github:


Earlier, the company was known as https://frontlabs.org

Then, in 2015 the script that was accessible to the world for free got shut down.

Why, WA sent a cease & desist notice. Since, even though that project started off as a side line project. It was being used by bad people for running mass marketing campaigns.

So, I had to get the code out.

But, I secretly kept coding the project on my own.

I wanted to make the world’s no. 1 solution hands down. Which no one in the marketplace could ever imagine to create, and use for WhatsApp Marketing.

Its been also 8 years now (And collectively 30+ years of coding experience with the team who contributed into the creation of WhatsApp Business API.)

And yes, WhatsApp Business API is still working! 🙂

WhatsApp Marketing = Highest Response Then Any Other Marketing Medium


Want to know why? Find out yourself. Apply for your application now.

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