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Our company revised the pricing of our Bulk WhatsApp Channels for our clients who wants to purchase bulk WhatsApp Marketing channels available for sale at special price!!

There are plenty of things that you need to consider a merchant when you’re planning to buy WhatsApp Channels or bulk WhatsApp Channels for his WhatsApp Marketing needs. It is our goal to educate you through this article on these crucial important factors so you don’t have to commit the same mistakes as many other merchants did.

Since the widespread success of WhatsApp Marketing, our team had decided to become committed to develop various WhatsApp Marketing Solutions. Such solutions are geared towards addressing the WhatsApp Marketing needs of merchants that will enable them to connect with their targeted audience better.

In our quest to doing the same, we have also committed to become the best at what we do by providing not only the best high quality products but also to render the best service for our clients. We feel that as a WhatsApp Marketing Provider, it is our duty to offer solutions to your WhatsApp Marketing needs.

As previously mentioned, there are things to consider when you’ are considering to buy WhatsApp Channels and scale your WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns.

First and foremost, a wise merchant needs to know that before he decides to run his WhatsApp Marketing campaigns in his business, he needed to have these two things:

  1. WhatsApp Marketing software or a script like WhatsApp Business API
  2. WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp Marketing software is the tool that basically allows users to send hundreds and thousands of messages to other WA users around the world. This software is also packed with many other features that allow them functionality such as number filtering, uploading bulk WhatsApp Channels, changing of profile picture, and many others. However, this software cannot operate without the second component of WhatsApp Marketing: the WhatsApp Channels.

WhatsApp Channels, also known as WA Senders or WA registered numbers, are pre-activated and registered WhatsApp Numbers used for sending WhatsApp messages to other WA users. They also perform other WA automation activities from the software such as receive messages, check active WA users through the “filter” process, check last seen of WA contacts in the list, and many others. These WhatsApp Numbers are registered online through a WA registration tool that generates a combination of phone number; WA generated code and security code. Without these WhatsApp Channels, your WhatsApp Marketing software is basically useless.

There are two types of WhatsApp Channels available in the market: the protected WhatsApp Channels and the non-protected WhatsApp Channels.

Protected WhatsApp Channels VS Unprotected WhatsApp Channels

Basically, protected WhatsApp Channels are those that have higher quality than that of unprotected WhatsApp Channels. It is important to determine the difference between the two because unprotected WhatsApp Channels are likely to be useless as they are “stolen” or virtually generated (or copied) by other WA software such as WhatsApp Channel finder. To evaluate whether your WhatsApp Channels are protected or not, you may attempt to change the security code. If you are able to change the security code, then it’s unlikely that you have a counterfeit product in your hands.

What’s the benefit of Protected WhatsApp Channel VS Unprotected WhatsApp Channels?

  • Protected WhatsApp Channels are active for a longer period unlike Unprotected WhatsApp Channels.
  • Protected WhatsApp Channels can’t be stolen using WhatsApp Channels finder software.
  • Protected WhatsApp Channels are prone to change password issue. Because no one can change the password without having the security code of your WhatsApp Channel, the likelihood that your WhatsApp Channel will be duplicated is almost impossible.

So, anytime in the future when you are dealing with a WhatsApp Channels provider or a vendor, make sure that you just don’t buy WhatsApp Channels but you MUST buy protected WhatsApp Channels.

With that saying, the greatest challenge therefore when you buy Bulk WhatsApp Channels is to identify the best vendor or provider that will not scam you and who will provide you product that is worth your every penny. There are many merchants scattered out there who promises quality and cheap WhatsApp Channels, only to find out later on that these so-called vendors are con-artists. It always pays to be vigilant with your purchases, especially because money doesn’t grow on trees.

To protect yourself from being ripped off, it is best to choose a WhatsApp Marketing channel vendor that not only sell protected WhatsApp Channels but also give more value to the purchase by providing you after sales support.

The following are checklist of what makes a good WhatsApp Channel vendor:

  1. Choose a WhatsApp Channel Vendor that offer protected WhatsApp Channels
  2. If possible, WhatsApp Channels must be generated with REAL sim cards
  3. Choose WA Vendor that offer replacement guarantee in case of defective WhatsApp Channels
  4. Guarantee that all WhatsApp Channels being sold are never resold
  5. Fast Delivery of products
  6. Safety from channel blocking and theft
  7. Fast replacement of bad channels
  8. Known to be reputable and honest WhatsApp Channel provider or vendor

A WhatsApp Channel vendor that offers protected WhatsApp Channels

As previously mentioned, protected WhatsApp Channels are better option to go along with your WhatsApp Marketing software. Though protected WhatsApp Channels are more costly than unprotected ones, it’s more secured and they are definitely reliable investments in the long run. WA have a strict “blocking” system especially with virtual numbers. It would be a shame if your WhatsApp Channels are blocked soon as you just purchased them from your vendor.

WhatsApp Channels being sold are generated with real SIM cards

Real SIM cards almost eliminate the possibility of the WhatsApp Channels or WA senders getting banned by WA. Virtual WhatsApp Numbers such as those generated or copied by other WA software like WhatsApp Channel finder are easily prone to getting banned by WA.

Offer replacement guarantee in case of defective WhatsApp Channels

To give allowance for imperfection, choose a bulk WhatsApp Channels vendor that will guarantee replacement in case your purchases of WhatsApp Channels or WA Senders are defective (eg. they register: LOGIN ERROR during log in attempt)

WhatsApp Channels are never resold to other merchants

As previously mentioned, WA has strict “blocking” system so any duplicity of WA number is a sure way of getting banned by WA. To eliminate the possibility of your WhatsApp Channel from getting banned, ensure that the WhatsApp Channel vendor doesn’t resold their WhatsApp Channels to other merchants.

Fast Delivery

Choose a WhatsApp Channel provider or vendor that has efficient and fast delivery of their products.

There is safety from theft and blocking

Again, to prevent your purchased bulk WhatsApp Channels or WA Senders from getting blocked or stolen, ensure that your WhatsApp Channel provider or vendor have a systematic way of taking care of their WhatsApp Channels through their unique Channel registration.

Another way to ensure this is, your WhatsApp Channel provider or vendor must have high-encrypted security which prevents anybody (even member of their team) to have access over passwords or any other details which put the WhatsApp Channels at risk of getting duplicated or stolen.

Fast replacement of bad channels

This is in direct correlation to the “fast delivery” section of this list. Choose a WhatsApp Channel Provider or Vendor that promptly replaces defective WhatsApp Channels.

Known to be reputable and honest WhatsApp Channel provider or Vendor

This is probably the most important part of the list. It goes without saying: only time could tell whether a particular WhatsApp Channel vendor or provider is indeed reputable or not. Of course, it would require sufficient or extensive research on the part of the merchant to validate this.

Now that we’ve established the things that every merchant needs to check out in finding the best WhatsApp Channel provider or vendor, you should now be aware of the things that you should avoid. So now that you know these things, let’s head on to the next step.

Now where to?

Let us tackle now what you need to know once you do have the WhatsApp Channels on your hands.

It is recommended that you only need to send 9 marketing campaign messages per channel per day. So if you have 1000 channels in your system, you will be able to send 9000 messages per day to other WA users at whatever part of the world. The logic of why only 9 campaign messages will be send per WhatsApp Channel per day is because this will prolong the life of the WhatsApp Channel in your possession.

However, many WhatsApp Marketing software and tools actually allow you to send as many campaign messages as you possibly could. But since WA as a messaging application prohibit WA users from using WA for commercial purposes; they have imposed a strict “blocking” system. To illustrate, anybody who you have sent your campaign message with have the power to report your WhatsApp Channel as “spam” and that entails an almost guarantee that your Channel will be block. When that happens, your WhatsApp Channel will become useless.

The risk actually lies on the bearer of the WhatsApp Channel. It depends on what you choose to do with your WhatsApp Channel but if you want longevity of your WA sender, we suggest that you follow the 9 campaign messages per day rule.

Are you ready to buy WhatsApp Channels or Bulk WhatsApp Channels?

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Note: Usage discretion is advised. We don’t guarantee that our WhatsApp Channels won’t be block by WA in violation of anti-SPAM regulations.

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