WhatsApp Business API

Business WhatsApp Sender (Full Source Code & Resell Rights)

Just like Bulk WhatsApp Sender which is now being resold by many WhatsApp Marketing Software sellers who have white-labeled and then modify the software on their own name. Business WA Sender is a software much enhanced and now being sold by WhatsApp Business API

This software allows you to manage your WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns in a seamless way, with advanced features such as auto-reply chatbots, WA Filter Tool (For finding Active & Non Active WA number) which is much faster and WhatsApp Bulk Sender that will allow you to setup campaign and manage auto-replies all from a very simple & easy to use desktop tool.

Even though most of our clients who use WhatsApp Business API’s Marketer, Reseller, Developer or Enterprise edition will never even think of purchasing a desktop tool. But, we get a lot of queries from marketers who can’t afford our high level self hosted script.

Thats why, we have created very cheap, and cost effective licenses for Business WA Sender which can be used by marketers who don’t have much bigger requirement and only like to send couple of 100s of 1000s messages daily. And don’t mind putting their hands to work to manage this semi-automatically using this tool.

In fact, the most basic version of this software is available free of cost without any restriction.

Now, as we said earlier. In comparison to WhatsApp Business API’s Marketer, Reseller, Developer & Enterprise version. This tool is way less powerful.

Still, it has many features that might be useful for marketers:

Safe Sending Mode

Piece of mind, send without worrying about blocking

Blind Sending Mode

Send to all destinations

Fast filtering

You can use this design as is, or you can make changes!

Auto Reply Bot

Is it really open source if it’s not made with love?

Here are the main feature of Business WA Sender:

  • User friendly interface
  • Open source Application
  • Cloud based engine
  • Multi sending Mode
  • Imports files, WA contacts
  • Post to Groups
  • Schedule sending
  • Auto-Reply messages
  • Auto-Reply rules
  • Fast Numbers filter
  • Advances cloud based licensing System
  • Built-in and API Based integration
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Multi-languages support
  • Spin Tags and random tags
  • Multimedia files sending supports
  • Multi-Messages sending
  • Random delay between messages
User Edition – 100% Free – 1 PC License

Business WA User edition for 1 machine (PC), all options are available

User Edition (Unlimited PC) – 9.99$

Business WA User edition for unlimited machines, all options are available

Developer Edition – 29.99$

Business WA Developer Edition full source code included- license generator not included

Reseller Edition – 49.99$

Business WhatsApp Reseller Edition full source code included , license generator included

White Label Edition – 99.99$

Business WA White Label edition , your brand applied on it license generator included , reseller account generator included

If you are interested in purchasing any of the license of this software. Feel free to reach us out on Telegram: https://t.me/WhatsAppBusiness_API or WA.


This tool doesn’t allows you to manage multiple channels at the same time like the web version of WhatsApp Business API. To know more about how WhatsApp Business API works. Click here to get started.

How is Business WA Sender different from WhatsApp Business API?

Business WA Sender is like a baby gorilla & WhatsApp Business API is like a fully grown adult gorilla evolved to become a human now. 🙂

Business WA Sender uses https://web.WA.com to connect your WA mobile number. And then, automates the process of sending messages, filtering WhatsApp Numbers, and other more features such as chatbot automation & auto-reply.

WhatsApp Business API on the other hand is a completely self hosted script which can be hosted on your server, and can be automated to use 1000s of WhatsApp Channels on your hosted web based server. It uses WhatsApp Hash Channels which are included in all its version when you purchase a licensed copy.

If Business WA Sender sends 30000 messages. You can send 3000000 messages per month using WhatsApp Business API.


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