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Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite for sending Bulk Campaign Messages on WhatsApp

Are you looking for a Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite for sending Bulk Campaign Messages on WA.
We are currently offering a 10% off on our latest release of WhatsApp Marketing Software Suite that will help you communicate with your prospect audience better. This offer is good ONLY until supply last so place your orders now!

Introducing: Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite

If you’re still looking for the perfect WhatsApp Marketing Solution that will enable you to tap on your WA users on a global scale, enable you to send videos and images for free and many others, then this Bulk Marketing Suite for WA is the perfect WhatsApp Marketing Software for you. Get connected with a wider audience through WhatsApp Marketing. With this Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite, you can start sending multitude of your WhatsApp Marketing campaigns to your massive amount of prospect and existing clients.

Listed below is the number of features of Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite:

  1. Access to All WhatsApp Numbers on a Global scale
    One of the best things about using WA is you can reach anybody on a global scale. Whether you are in India or Kuwait or whatever part of the world, you can utilize WA as a tool to communicate with other people.
  2. Ability to send videos, audio and images for Free
    Unlike SMS Messaging, you can compose and send messages with videos, audio and images for free. This comes handy when you want to make your WhatsApp Marketing campaign more appealing to your target audience.
  3. Greater Mobility
    This Bulk Marketing Suite for WA allows you to communicate with your target audience at your convenience. You can be at the mall doing window shopping or just at home watching TV but you can still connect with your prospect audience for free. You only need to be connected through the Internet and you can now start sending and replying messages to your prospect and existing clients. With Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite, you can mix work and pleasure!
  4. Immediate Response Mechanism
    This WhatsApp Marketing Suite is also equipped with the capability of receiving messages from your list of contacts. Aside from that, you also have the option to send a reply to that message that you have received. This way, your communication with your audience can be more time sensitive. This feature will also show you how effective or ineffective your WhatsApp Marketing is.
  5. Worry-Free Marketing
    With this WA Bulk Marketing Suite, you have the ability to send as many marketing campaigns as often as you can without fear of incurring much cost. It is also more convenient as you can send longer than 160 character messages unlike in SMS Messaging.
  6. Helps you save money and time
    You don’t have to pay costly fees associated with marketing a product or business. With this Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite, it is much easier to scale on bigger amount of WhatsApp messages without fear of paying for expensive advertising fees. And because you can send longer than 160 character messages, you don’t have to waste time editing your messages to fit the limitation imposed by SMS.
  7. Marketing at a Global Scale but with Lesser Price
    You can tap potential clients that can be found in the community of WA. As of January 2016 there are 990 million active WA users around the world.  That meant, you have the opportunity to connect to the same amount of people through WhatsApp Marketing.

Purchase this Bulk WA Suite and you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of all WhatsApp Marketing could offer. And with the 10% off special discount that we are offering, you are in for a serious treat!

As we all know, we need two components before you can run an effective WhatsApp Marketing campaign. These are:

  1. WhatsApp Marketing Software
    This is the tool that will enable you to send thousands of WhatsApp messages to your list of contacts that are located at whatever part of the world. With this WhatsApp Marketing tool, you can send messages of text, image, video, audio, Vcard and GPS based files to anybody in the world.
    There are many types of WhatsApp Marketing Software that is being distributed nowadays. We have desktop based, web based panel and many other types that are geared towards scaling massive amount of messages that promotes various products and services of a company.
  2. WhatsApp Channels
    WA is also known as WA Senders or WA Sender IDs. These are numbers that have been generated and activated through WhatsApp Channel generators. WhatsApp Channels can also be generated using real sim cards.

This Bulk Marketing Suite for WA is our most robust WhatsApp Marketing Software that we have developed so far. It had undergone series of quality tests before we saw it fit for release to the market.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite can be utilized by any business owner, manager, marketer or professional who wish to maximize their profits with the help of WhatsApp Marketing. If you need a WhatsApp Marketing Solution so that you can connect with your prospect and existing clients, our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite  is our most robust WhatsApp Marketing Software that is a perfect choice for you.

Regardless of the size and form of your business, you can take advantage of using our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite so that you can connect with your audience more effectively! Spare yourself from the stress of paying costly fees and dealing with time consuming traditional text messaging (SMS) marketing, switch now to the latest trend of marketing products and services: WhatsApp Marketing!

Make the most out of your time by delegating the promotional sending of WhatsApp messages to our Bulk Marketing Suite for WA. You will see, our WhatsApp Marketing Software won’t be a disappointment and it will generate more profits to you more than you can imagine!

Grab this golden opportunity now and place your order by contacting us! Avail of our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite and witness your profits multiply!

If you are planning to run a launch for a new product or if you are planning to expand your business, Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite is the perfect WhatsApp Marketing tool for you!

With its tons of features, you will gain complete control over your WhatsApp Marketing campaigns!

We are so sure about the quality of our WhatsApp Marketing Solution that we are giving you a 30-day guarantee refund. If within one month of using this Bulk Marketing suite for WA and you are in any way dissatisfied, just contact us. We will be giving you a 100% refund…no questions asked!

About us:

We are one of the best WhatsApp Marketing Providers in the industry. We have been developing quality and reliable WhatsApp Marketing Products and services that help countless merchants connect with their audience.

We have been providing solutions to all WhatsApp Marketing needs of countless business owners, managers and professional in maximizing profits through WhatsApp Marketing. We have been catering to different countries such as India, Kuwait and many others.

If you are looking for high quality and trusted WhatsApp Marketing Solutions, come to the best WhatsApp Marketing Provider!

Aside from providing quality WhatsApp Marketing Software such as Bulk WhatsApp Sender Suite, we also provide quality WhatsApp Channels, scripts and other tools that will help you become more equip as a WA Marketer.

Contact us now and we will give you a complete list of our products and services. Just simply fill in the form provided below or contact us through the following contact details:

Skype: WAbulksender

Email: [email protected]com

         Call at +1 646 448 0344

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