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List of Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools 2022

Most of the people looking out for WhatsApp Marketing software for sending bulk WhatsApp messaging campaigns end up purchasing a desktop based WhatsApp Marketing tool that allows them to send automated WhatsApp promotional messages via Text, Image, Video, Audio and PDF format with limited functionalities. Most of these desktop based WhatsApp Marketing tools are either using web.WA.com to automate your messaging or use Hash WhatsApp Channels like QSender, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, etc. which works on linear manner.

Best WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools
List of Best WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools Working in 2020

Now, I know you must be wondering. Whats the problem with that? I mean, if the software does its job then whats the issue with using a desktop based WA Automation software? Right?

Well, there is a huge problem with most of the proclaimed “Best WhatsApp Marketing Software”!

You see most of the desktop tools operating by automating tasks one by one, and being able to do just that in one go. Let’s say you want to send out a message to your list. Sure, the software does that for you. But, what ends up happening is that these kind of automation steps either give out a time difference between each messages, or say shuffle and split different messages to make them unique each time a message is sent, or use time stamps, etc. to automate the process of messaging.

But, the MAJOR issue with desktop tools is that they can’t imitate a complete normal user behaviour while automating this whole process!

RESULT: Your WA Number Getting BLOCKED for a lifetime or Temporarily.

You can’t use that same number again! Damn, thats a bummer!

This is where most of the WA marketers lose their potential time, money, opportunity cost, and efforts and then, finally after trying out every desktop tool that exists realize that WhatsApp Marketing doesn’t work well for them!

So, What makes a good WhatsApp Marketing software at the first place?

Well, most of the software that exists right now first of all use emulation & automation on top of https://web.WA.com what this does is that it gives WA every chance to observe that you are using automation at the first place. All the desktop tools are not able to create a bot like system which fails them in emulating a normal user behaviour.

This in exchange blocks your number without getting fully utilised.

So, Whats the solution?

WhatsApp Business API, of course. 🙂

I know, of course you are reading this article on our official blog. But, unlike most of the desktop tools available for running any kind of WhatsApp Marketing, blasting and promotional campaigns. WhatsApp Business API is designed to avoid all the failures that you will have with a simple WhatsApp Marketing software.

WhatsApp Business API utilizes its power by having its own 3rd party API Integration and being able to emulate a complete normal user behaviour activities for every WhatsApp Channels that is uploaded into the script. WhatsApp Business API uses peer to peer communication system which operates completely behind the scene, talking with other peer channels added into the system, forming it’s own set of friend list of WhatsApp Channels, and communicating with other channels all on autopilot.

What this allows WhatsApp Business API script is to be able to not only keep the channels safe, secure, and be able to use them on a daily basis without getting blocked, but we have added multiple other filters which allows your WhatsApp Channels life to be extended to at least 4-6 months of normal uses. Our panel doesn’t exceeds any radar line which makes WA block any of the number. And due to this level of automation, and then staying under the limit for you to be able to run the campaigns. Whenever any campaigns are uploaded into the script, the channels run the campaigns all on auto-pilot without getting a single WhatsApp Number blocked while performing your marketing & promotional activities.

So, What are you waiting for?

Head on to our website, look into different versions of WhatsApp Business API available for you to choose from:

WhatsApp Business API – Marketer Edition

Marketer Edition is specifically designed for people who want to operate their own campaigns at a very nominal one time cost. Our stand package of Marketer edition comes along with 5,000 channels which can send minimum 1,00,000 messages daily and includes full admin control and a lot many other features which makes it a perfect suit for any marketing expert who wishes to leverage the true power of WhatsApp Marketing for running any kind of promotional or mass blasting campaigns on WA.

WhatsApp Business API – Reseller Edition

Reseller Edition is specifically designed with full list of features to self-manage a complete WhatsApp Marketing reseller panel using a self hosted WhatsApp Marketing script. Our reseller’s credit distribution system has all the possibilities to build a completely white-labeled, customisable, and set your own price system to provide credits to further resellers and user accounts into the system. You can even approve/disapprove any campaign requests sent by any sub-users in your panel. And each reseller can setup their own logo and company details into the system, and send product announcements, special offers, etc. to their clients to further profit using your own WhatsApp Marketing panel.

WhatsApp Business API – Source Code Edition]

Source Code Edition comes with even more further control over the script, with our decrypted and well documented PDF, Video Tutorials, and complete source code guidelines so that you can further customize the script as per your needs, integrate other services into your panel such as SMS, Voice Calls, etc.

WhatsApp Business API – Enterprise + API Add-on Edition

Enterprise Edition is our highest form of WA goodness. 🙂 You can ask for direct development support, any kind of customization and also connect WhatsApp Business API with more then 1400+ apps using Zapier, DialogFlow, and so many other integrations using our advance WhatsApp Marketing API Integration.

Compare all different version of WhatsApp Business API here


WhatsApp Business API is not made for common public, if making money, and real profits at high scale using WhatsApp Marketing was that easy. Then, many marketers will have access to WhatsApp Business API and start making some real money. We filter and take only selective clients due to high demand, and limited supply of channels accessible through our vendors from time to time. Drop us an email at [email protected] to see if we have a slot available and also, let us know if you are a good fit to work together for us. Alternatively, feel free to come on chat on Telegram:


P.S. You will need Telegram Installed to Live Chat with us. And it’s the fastest medium to reach us since we get a lot of emails. And we are a lean mean team of small developers & team members who work with 38+ countries timezones collectively.

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