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WhatsApp Marketing API for Businesses Made Easy With WhatsAppBusinessAPI

WhatsApp Business API have released some latest updates in terms of how you can operate our inbuilt WhatsApp Marketing API integration feature as part of Marketer, Reseller, Developer & Enterprise with API Addon support.

Previously, WhatsApp Business API use to offer WhatsApp Marketing API & WA Business Integration features only accessible to Enterprise Edition. But, now all our previous clients who purchased Marketer, Reseller, Developer edition in the past can upgrade to our script with API support for a very nominal and minimal fee for a one time upgrade with our newly released API Addon for WhatsApp Business API.

Many clients today are stuck with tools such as Chat-API.com, Wassenger.com, API WHA, Whappened, and other similar services which costs very high if you calculate the monthly pricing plus additional cost involve in hosting 10s of 100s or even 1000s of numbers on these kinds of services which provide 3rd party API support for WA & WA Business.

Unlike, all the other competition including the highest costing services such as MessengerPeople (MP now, no more provides WhatsApp Marketing API support!), Twilio, etc. which charges 1000s of EUROs/$s every month. WhatsApp Business API is a one time purchase with full access to our source code, support and free updates released from time to time managing not just few WhatsApp Numbers for you, but has the capacity to integrate WhatsApp Marketing API to 1000s of channels uploaded into the script all on auto-pilot.


  • We have released new Chatbot sections for Enterprise edition clients which gives them more control over incoming as well as outgoing messages on pre-set numbers activated as Chatbots into the system.
  • More control with API using Channels Group segmentation feature
  • And many many more.

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